Our planet needs protection and requires everyone everywhere to do something towards remediating and protecting the climate from further deterioration.

With PHD Center, we will use as little as $6 to plant and nurture a tree in support of our aggressive afforestation project, among many of our plans to support a green and clean environment.

Our Plans

1. Three Million Trees (TMT)/Year

We plan to plant 3 million trees each year as a way of mopping 75,000 tonnes out of the approximately 40billion tonnes of global CO2 emissions annually.

2. Advocacy and Awareness

We plan to run community level advocacy and awareness on the environmental concerns by engaging community stakeholders on the various outcomes of international agreements and the local efforts needed to drive their implementation as well as other local efforts under the following categories:

a. Waste Management
b. Renewable and Clean Energy
c. Climate Action
d. Climate Education
e. Climate justice

3. Renewable Energy

With our advocacy efforts, we hope to facilitate and attract renewable and cleaner energy projects into our local communities that have energy challenges.

To achieve all these, we crave for your support

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