Give where the need is greatest

When you give to Peacebuilding and Human Development Center treasury, you fuel our service projects - projects that promote peace, improve people’s lives and developing communities.

With your donation, you will immediately be

  1. Supporting more out-of-school children/students (with different pathetic stories and situations) back to school as a way of building a safe and peaceful communities
  2. Establishing a nursery aimed at producing 600,000 trees per annum on a short and medium term as our commitment to the climate change project among other campaigns.
  3. Financing of workshops and seminars for labour and students group movements in May and June 2023 with policy makers and vulnerable group.
  4. Supporting the establishment of more Peace Clubs in schools in advocating peaceful coexistence among the people through active engagement of youths in peace processes

Ways to Make the Donations

Thank you for deciding to support Peacebuilding and Human Development, no amount is too small or too big to aid our activities.

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